Application & Admissions Management


Seamless Application Management

Our robust application management system lets you create and manage applications on the fly and hold all applicant information in one place to create a better experience for students, faculty, and staff.

Digital Application Review & Decision Management

Radius takes the headache out of application season by offering digital application review and decision management. Customized options allow you to set workflows specific to your organization and make your review and decision processes more efficient than ever.

Personalized Student Portal

Radius offers a one-stop student portal that gives students personalized information about programs of interest at your institution. The portal includes application and financial aid status and tracking.

of students apply to three or more schools, with 33% applying to seven or more institutions.

Radius application management combines a seamless online application with the CRM functionality to make your application process a breeze for students and staff alike.


"We ran like a steam engine before, but it was constantly uphill and we were hoping for the right direction. This is like a major locomotive on a fast train with accurate GPS.

Marie Batson Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services,
University of Mobile