Student Relationship Management


Connect with students earlier in the search process and provide the right information at the right time.

Are you able to ensure you’re getting personalized, relevant information to your students and prospects? Radius gives you the ability to build deeper relationships with students through case management, event planning, and online inquiry management tools. 

According to Ovum, as the ability to interact with students is fundamental to creating and managing relationships with them, multichannel communications or more broadly multichannel engagement functionality must be equally important when selecting a CRM solution.

Make sure all contacts in your CRM are receiving relevant, timely communications by building deeper relationships through case management, event planning, and online inquiry management tools. 

Why Radius?

Radius offers best-in-class admissions and enrollment management CRM capabilities with robust communications tools that allow you to build dynamic, multi-step outreach campaigns to reach students with the right message at the right time.

Its seamless application management and reporting capabilities allow you to manage each stage of the admissions lifecycle - from initial inquiry through application review - and then continue building relationships with students throughout their enrollment at your institution.

Radius is the only CRM platform where institutions can offer personalized service and connect with prospective students across multiple channels, including email, live chat and Naviance ActiveMatch.

Plus, you can extend the reach of your student services and retention efforts through our integrated suite of student success and degree planning solutions.

of students’ decision-making process is complete before they ever reach out to an institution.

What is CRM for Higher Education?

CRM is not one-size-fits all. 

Each institution is unique and each part of each institution has its own unique challenges. Radius is built to be adaptable and configurable to meet the needs of your college or university, whether you're a small graduate program or a large undergraduate institution.

CRM is not just a technology. 

In addition to flexible technology, CRM requires the right people, processes and strategy to be successful. Hobsons delivers unparalleled experience in higher education admissions and student success to ensure institutional effectiveness.

CRM is part of a broader eco-system. 

No one solution can be all things to all people. Radius is built to be a best-in-class admissions and enrollment management CRM that helps institutions make purposeful connections across the student life cycle, and it is part of a greater eco-system of solutions that facilitate college and career readiness, admissions and enrollment management, student success and advising for millions of students around the globe.

CRM should be used. 

We want to encourage the adoption of our solutions, which is why they are designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. However, our expert services team will be with you every step of the way to make sure our solution is aligned to your strategy and business processes. Plus, we believe our success is tied to yours, which is why we do not limit usage of our product or the number of users that could benefit from using Radius.


Complementary Products

Advisors can use Radius with Starfish to monitor, track, and connect with students who have difficulties during their college career. 

Once students decide to enroll, their journey isn’t complete. Starfish Degree Planner helps students create customized degree plans to give them a crystal clear path to graduation.